Menopause occurs when women's ovaries stop producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Many symptoms can occur several years earlier.
They include:

  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Mood swings
  • Trouble focusing
The Next Generation Solution in 2010: EstroG-100……All Natural, Botanical, Safe and Non-Toxic

Develop a women’s health supplement that is practical, offers daily consumption, and has multiple consumer benefits including:

1.     Decreased severity and frequency of hot flashes.

2.     Improved vaginal dryness; to prevent dyspareunia (pain during or after intecourse; caused by vaginal dryness, inflammation or other causes)

3.     Improved other various symptoms such as sleep disruption, mental awareness issues, joint pain, musculoskeletal issues, stomach issues, urinary problems, fatigue, and headaches

4.     Help increases to bone density.

• In addition
, the
product has been shown to help in decreasing triglycerides, and does not show
weight gain—which is typical in menopausal women.


Safety and Benefits-EstroG-100

Genistein, an active component of Soy Isoflavone Extract, binds receptor ER-beta,  which could be carcinogenic. EstroG-100 performs, and does not have these safety issues as it does not bind to ER-alpha or ER-beta. (National Toxicology Program TR 545, NIH Publication No. 08-4430, Public Health Service, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

The constituent 3 herbs of EstroG-100 have been used as edible herbs for hundreds of years in Korea and China, and EstroG-100 is manufactured by industry standard hot water extraction.

The 3 herbs have since been registered as safe food materials in Korea Food Codex of Korean FDA, and the USA FDA confirmed EstroG-100 with a NDI classification in October 2010.  

A one-year randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study with 48 women at Samsung Cheil Hospital showed that it did not cause any serious side effects and did not increase weight, BMI, and the serum level of estrogen and follicle stimulating hormones that were commonly increased in the study with HRT's, 2002. (Lee et al. J of Korean Society of Menopause. 2005)

In a 4 month, USA based, human clinical study utilizing the Kupperman Index Clinical Test Model EstroG-100 significantly improved in 11 of the 12 primary Menopausal symptoms. This is 3 times better than other natural, botanical based products clinically tested with the same Kupperman model.

did not increase the uterus weight in two studies.

Improved vaginal dryness; to prevent dyspareunia (caused by inflammation or other causes).

•Helped increase bone density.

Each herbal extract of EstroG-100 showed the inhibitory effect on proliferation of human breast cancer cell sor MCF-7.

Confirmed safety;
acute toxicity test and 3-month long multi-dose toxicity test proven to be safe and non-toxic

3 complete forms of Genetic Tox studies (Ames)

According to reports on Korean herbs to WHO, Cynanchym wilfordii and Phlomis umbrosa have hepatoprotective and antiheptotoxic activity, respectively.
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EstroG-100 has self-affirmed GRAS status.

EstroG-100 maintains an NDI as per the FDA.